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Make Me Laugh!

4.2 ( 2992 ratings )
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Vývojář: Windy Town
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Can You Make Me Laugh?
A ‘funny’ new app for the iPhone

Reviews and Quotes

“It’ll leave you rolling on the floor in a fit of Laughter”
- Will B. Famous

“Never heard anything like it”
- Can Not Hear

“Clearly a high brow app meant only for the upper crusted”
- Herr man Isa Snobé

Contains the new hit tracks:

“El Famosa”
“Et Tu Barté”
“The BellyFull”
“The Wheezer”
“Ala Gaffe”
“Le Gaffe”
“Le Geyser”

Not only will you receive these tracks, but if you act today you will receive a bonus: “Twisted Version” of each track for FREE. Listen as each track is thrown into a special effects time warp that includes: reverse, echo, pitch shifting and more. To receive the original 8 tracks and the twisted 8 tracks act now, all operators are waiting!