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When you press twisted it does a crazy laugh and when you run off the volume you still hear the scary laugh

Didn't work

Downloaded it & it didn't do anything.


Awesome👍👍👍three thumbs up✌out


Cool Mr.D

Yeah mr. D



Worst app ever dont download !!


This app is pretty stupid! It didn't make me laugh at all.


Make more apps Mr. D.!! this is hillarrious!!

So bad

I hate this app so much if tried to make me laugh ... FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HORRIBLE!!!!!!! It is probably the worst app ever!!! I deleted it right away! Do not listen to good reviews unless u like to hear weird laughs. DO NOT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know who this is...

It's mr droste!! Omg I love this sooo much!!!! Make more mr droste!!!


When I heard it I laughed until I suffocated myself!!!!!! Lmfo!!! Lol!!!!! :)

It's fun...

...for a short while. Then again, it's free!


Why would you need this!

True to it's name

The laugh tracks on this application are so infectious!!! I like The Wheezer the best but when you hit the Twisted next to BellyFull it is a great effect! This guy has a great laugh & you can't help but laugh along with him. Check it out! Use as your own personal laugh track...


It is 'funny'

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